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ProDroneWorx provides mapping, inspection, modelling and surveying services to the Construction, Asset Inspection, Engineering, Surveying, Environmental, Planning, Ecology and Architectural industries using a combination of aerial technology and 3D terrestrial laser scanning.


We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to improving safety, mitigating risk, improving operations and reducing operating costs for our clients through the use of technology.

We utilise the very latest in terrestrial and drone technology to provide our clients with detailed and actionable datasets. The technology and software used, along with our commitment, provides our clients with actionable solutions to traditional problems that are more cost effective, reduce timelines and increase safety, while providing documented evidence that can be used for multiple purposes.

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Ian Tansey
Ian Tansey

Managing Director


Ian Tansey is a qualified and experienced pilot who holds a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) which includes operating at night and an Operational Safety Case (OSC) at 20m from the UK CAA. With a background in data analytics and finance spanning over 20 years, Ian brings a professional approach, analytical mind and client focus to this new industry which is second to none.

Ian has an extensive family background in construction and engineering across the UK and Ireland. He’s been immersed in these industries all his life so understands the industry and some of the common issues experienced and has identified ways to solve these using the latest drone and imaging technology.

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