Asset Inspection

Whether it’s inspecting an asset such as a building, industrial unit, bridge, solar farm, powerline, land, communication tower, railway, road, etc. drone inspections provide a safe, quick and cost effective way of inspecting the asset.

Most of the work involved in asset inspection today is performed manually, is based on personal inspections which are a slow and costly process and yield incomplete, undocumented and poor quality results. For some inspections rope access, scaffolding and cherry picker platforms are required while the asset being inspected often needs to be shut down while the inspection takes place. This approach is not only time-consuming but also very costly.

Drone inspections can be used to identify defects faster and more thoroughly, but also more cheaply and safely than traditional methods. With the right imaging equipment, drone and analytical software, we can analyse data much faster and more accurately. This provides much more valuable information and insights than ever before.

For assets to operate efficiently they need to be well maintained so that the risk of fault is either eliminated or minimised to prevent costly damage from occurring e.g.

  • identifying weak structures

  • finding corrosion

  • structural damage

  • damage to a roof and its supporting structure

The disrepair of an asset can occur from weather erosion, vandalism, animals etc. or simply the lack of regular maintenance. By using a proactive rather than a reactive approach, it saves time and money for our clients by preventing costly damage from occurring while also preventing the potential down time of the asset. Time consuming insurance claims for property damage can also be prevented with regular maintenance.

ProDroneWorx has the capability and equipment required to carry out one off or regular drone inspections of structures or objects which helps to ensure the efficient management of our client’s assets.


Our drone inspections can provide a live feed of images/video back to a ground control station which can be viewed by our clients, enabling real-time decision making. They can also be viewed and analysed at a later stage via high resolution images and video.

Drone asset inspection of building
Drone asset inspection of construction site
Drone asset inspection of bridge