ProDroneWorx combines the latest advances in 3D terrestrial laser scanning and drone technology to provide our Construction, Asset Inspection, Engineering, Surveying, Environmental, Planning, Ecology and Architectural clients with a wide range of high quality digital mapping, inspection, modelling and surveying services across the UK.


Through collaboration with our clients we provide both 3D terrestrial laser scanning and drone technology solutions to solve everyday business problems.

We offer a wide range of digital information services: aerial LiDAR, drone inspection, drone survey, volume measurement, 3D modeling, progress monitoring, topographical survey, digital surface model (DSM), digital terrain model (DTM), orthomosaic/orthophoto, thermal imaging and photography & video.

The digital/reality capture information from drone technology can be used in the following ways:

  • Survey grade accuracy for mapping and surveys

  • Survey an object or structure that is hard to reach
  • Topographical survey of land or sites

  • 3D model (3D textured or 3D point cloud) of an object, structure or land to gain a better understanding of the project from different angles

  • Digital surface/terrain models (DSM/DTM) to visualise gradient change

  • Contour lines can be generate to understand topography

  • Volume, distance and area measurements

  • Environmental and ecology monitoring

  • Industrial, commercial and office roof inspection surveys

  • Scan to BIM & REVIT Modelling

  • Digital construction

  • Virtual reality (VR)

What you get from working with ProDroneWorx:

Drone Technology: Time Savings

Time Saving: Our drone services and solutions can be deployed much faster than traditional methods and the amount of time needed to carry out an operation is much less.

Drone Technology: Safety & Regulations

Safety & Regulations: This is at the forefront of all work carried out. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all our work fully complies with UK laws and regulations to ensure no liability for our clients.

Drone Technology: Quality

Quality: By providing enhanced digital information we can significantly improve the quality of our clients business processes.

Drone Technology: Insurance

Insurance: We are fully insured up to £2m in employers’ and public liability insurance. We also have professional indemnity insurance.

Drone Technology: Accuracy

Accuracy: Our drone 2D/3D maps and models are highly accurate and proven down to approx. <5cm in x,y,z co-ordinates when using ground control points (GCPs) and check points.

Drone Technology:  Risk Avoidance

Risk Avoidance: Having accurate and up to date digital information helps reduce risk and errors.

Drone Technology: CAA

CAA Licensed Pilot: We operate throughout the UK with ‘Permission for Commercial Operations' from the CAA and we can also operate at night.

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