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Drone Inspections

From wind turbines, communication towers, industrial units and apartment complexes to commercial buildings, our drone asset inspections are advanced, safe and save on manual inspection fees. Our data analysis platform makes viewing drone inspection data simple, fast and accurate. Drone inspections can produce highly accurate records.

There are many regular or one off drone inspection tasks which can be undertaken such as:

  • general maintenance checks

  • identifying weak structures

  • finding corrosion

  • structural damage

  • damage to a roof and its supporting structure

Drone inspections can provide access to areas that are deemed too difficult or too risky to send people into while also significantly reducing the risks associated with working at heights. An added benefit of drone inspections is that all results can be saved for future reference while also allowing for comparisons over time. Drone inspections eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming scaffolding/cherry-pickers, man-lifting equipment and helicopter charters.

All of our drone inspection outputs are compatible with BIM and CAD software.

The benefits of using drone technology can be found on our homepage.