Progress Monitoring

Drone progress monitoring of construction site
Drone progress monitoring of construction site

Drones are the best way for companies to monitor work progress on a project. They provide project management, managers, contractors, architects or surveyors with data to better track a project’s progress, manage resources, reduce downtime, and keep projects on schedule and within budget. Images can be used to record progress, for management reporting or for marketing purposes.

Drones can help assess work progress across an entire project site. Examples include:

  • visual history of the latest excavation

  • construction progress

  • easy calculation of distance, perimeter or volume


Progress monitoring allows our clients to verify the ‘as built’ project status against design models using 2D and 3D data which is created using customised software. The output provides accurate elevation data, contour lines, and 3D modelling, plus the ability to export the data to BIM and CAD software.

The benefits of using drone technology can be found on our homepage.