Benefits of using a Drone or UAV in Construction

Blog from Topcon Positioning Systems on the benefits of using a #drone or #UAV in #construction #bim. Here’s a summary of the key points plus my own thoughts:

1. Why would you use a drone over more traditional #surveying tech? Drones give a complete visual overview of a construction site. The resulting orthomosaic is geometrically the same as a conventional map which can be used to take direct measurements. The image can be imported into CAD or GIS for the placement of roads, buildings etc.

2. How much time can drone save me compared to traditional land survey? A fixed wing drone can cover up to 1 square km in an hour, traditionally this could take up to two days.

3. What are the main uses of drones in construction? #Volume measurement of earthworks, #asset inspection, #surveying, #3D modelling, #progress monitoring, #digital surface/terrain models, #thermal imaging and #orthomosaics.

4. Are drones only used in the initial stages of construction? They can be used at all stages of construction from initial ground surveys through to progress monitoring and final as build design.

Click on this link to read the full article:

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