Condition & Asset Inspection using drone technology

drone survey of building

ProDroneWorx carried out an inspection of one of the outbuildings on the client’s private estate as they suspected bad weather had caused extensive damage to the roof and its structure. Due to the old age of the building, regular checks are required to ensure its structure and roof are in good condition and no damage has occurred due to a storm, animal incursion etc. Previous inspections of the building were carried out using scaffolding which was very time consuming, costly, disruptive and yielded undocumented evidence of the damage.

A range of services were discussed with the client and it was agreed that a 3D model, orthomosaic, inspection report, measurements, 4K photographs and a 4K video would be provided. To get the single image of the building we processed the results into a true to scale orthomosaic of the building’s roof, giving us the ability to identify any potential damage in one viewing window. The scaled orthomosaic also meant that very accurate measurements could be taken of the damage sections enabling the client to decide on what repairs were necessary and plan how to go about the work. A 3D textured model and point cloud of the asset were also provided which enabled the client to view all features and areas of the building from different angles.

A report was produced for the client identifying three issues in different areas of the roof with high resolution images included. With this data and knowledge the client was able to instruct their building contractor on the work to be carried out. The information could also be used for an insurance claim if the client’s policy covers this type of damage. The client was completely satisfied with our services and the data provided.


Whether it’s inspecting an asset such as a building, industrial unit, bridge, solar farm, powerline, land, communication tower, road, etc. drones provide a safe, quick and cost effective way of inspecting the asset. For assets to operate efficiently they need to be well maintained so that the risk of fault is either eliminated or minimised to prevent costly damage from occurring e.g. identifying weak structures, finding corrosion, structural damage or damage to a roof and its supporting structure.

ProDroneWorx has the capability and equipment required to carry out one off or regular visual inspections of structures or objects which helps to ensure the efficient management of our client’s assets.

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