Stockpile measurement using drone technology

Many construction related companies use a combination of their own employees or third-party surveyors to measure stockpiles of sand, stone, soil etc.

These surveys can take place a couple of times a year, using different types of surveying equipment (e.g. LIDAR, Total Station, GCPs) but using these methods can take anywhere from a day to a week or more depending on the size of the stockpile.

These methods can be costly, have health and safety issues, are time consuming and the results can take time to become available. When the data is available, it can often be hard to share within a company due to the complex software used to produce it.

Using the latest drone technology and photogrammetry software, companies can calculate the volume of their stockpiles, quickly, safely and cheaply compared to traditional methods.

Drones can fly a large site very quickly and have stockpile measurements calculated that same day. Volume measurements produced by drones can be used for everything from daily production measurements and spot checks to year end audits.

Drones can be used as a cost effective and accurate measurement of stockpiles on a regular or adhoc basis.

volume measurement of stockpile/aggregate

Stockpile, aggregate, volume measurement, drone survey, drone volume measurement, LIDAR, ground control points

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