Balfour Beatty - Innovation 2050: A Digital Future for the Infrastructure Industry

A new report from Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc. “Innovation 2050: A Digital Future for the Infrastructure Industry” predicts that construction sites in the future will be completely different to now.

Drones will play a key role in the future of construction sites, flying overhead they will scan the site constantly, inspecting the work and using the data collected to predict and solve problems before they arise, sending instructions to robotic cranes and diggers and automated builders with no need for human involvement.

Drone technology is available now and it can play a key role on a construction site by providing detailed information through "progress monitoring" which is one of the services offered by ProDroneWorx. The real benefit of technology is the visualisation of projects which can be done using drone technology, “out of 10 problems you might have on a project, you’ll be able to detect and solve eight of them in the virtual world”.

They have also developed a tiling robot that is eight times faster than a human and are already doing work with exoskeletons in Hong Kong. By adopting and embracing the rise of digital solutions Balfour are more able to deliver efficient, effective and safer solutions to their clients and customers.

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