How drones can help monitor health and safety within the construction and demolition industries

Drones are playing an increasingly important part in the monitoring of H&S on worksites.

H&S is paramount to the smooth running of a site, a drone can oversee every aspect of that site. Drones are capable of close-up surveillance of even the tallest and most inaccessible structures and can help construction companies ensure that all work is carried out in compliance with even the most stringent H&S regulations.

Drones can carry out a full review an entire site very quickly. Images and video from a drone can act as a deterrent to cutting corners, keeping a workforce operating at the highest standards and maintaining a safe working environment.

A comprehensive health and safety audit can be carried out with a drone before any work begins.

Decommissioning firm Hughes & Salvidge is developing the way it monitors H&S on site through the use of a drone. Drones have allowed them to view its work sites as never before, with sweeping footage across the entire site and incredible detail up close. Drones have revolutionised the way it gathers information for site compliance, simultaneously saving them time, money and manpower on manual surveying and inspections.

drone progress monitoring of construction site

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