Drone Topographical Survey

Drone Topogrpahical Survey

ProDroneWorx were asked to carry out a drone topographical survey on a large 27 acre site for development purposes. The drone topographical survey produced a 2D map (orthomosaic) and 3D point cloud which can be used by a surveyor, architect or engineer as part of the design process e.g.

  • visualise the placement of buildings and services

  • accurately estimate earthworks which needs to be excavated

  • produce digital surface/terrain models of the site to understand its topography

  • taking linear measurements and volume measurements

The drone topographical survey information can also be used to provide data about the sites initial status for investors and property owners before its purchased or work begins.

With a drone topographical survey, contour lines and digital surface or terrain models can also be produced if required. The drone topographical survey took about half day between setup and flying to cover the 27 acre site, data processing takes about a day so something like this can be produced in approx. 2 days.

Get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like a high resolution PDF version of this drone topographical survey.

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