Using drones within construction: more than a marketing gimmick

On a construction site, drones can have a significant impact on both site safety and the project delivery schedule, with construction giants such as Bouygues Construction, Bechtel Corporation, and VINCI Construction all reportedly exploring the use of drones on their projects as live, interactive progress maps. Balfour Beatty are also using drones on construction sites.

Drone collected data even allows you to compare the as-built conditions during each phase of construction against the original specifications, highlighting any deviation from the CDs.

Drone collected data can be just as good at protecting construction workers as it is at monitoring their work. High risk and important jobs, such as inspecting scaffolding and cranes, can be undertaken by the drone, thus delivering huge safety upgrades.

You can also beam real-time monitoring of moving cranes and active excavation areas into a control room, which not only enhances site inductions and decision making but; according to Crossrail Ltd reduces previously unidentified risks.

PwC estimated that in the infrastructure and construction industries, the current value of labour and services likely for replacement by drones is a staggering $42.4 billion.

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