Drones transforming how we design, build, and operate buildings and infrastructure

drone 3d model with bim overlay

Autodesk published a report "Construction with the Power of Digital", outlining how technology is fundamentally transforming how we design, build, and operate buildings and infrastructure.

The number of new technologies emerging for use within construction is breath

taking - 3D printing, infinite computing, crowdsourcing, robotics, machine learning, drones, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, augmented reality, generative design, gaming engines to name a few.

As disruptive technologies, they will break and remake business models, reshape definitions of value in markets, create new forms of competition as well as new competitors.

Drones can be used to perform surveys, mapping and inspections on construction sites. Feeding imagery taken from drones into specialised software which stitches photographs together to create 3D models essentially brings the real world into a digital environment on a large scale. We’re already witnessing the use of camera fitted drones for multiple applications from remote surveying of tall buildings and structures, mitigating the risk and cost of having operatives work at height; to the larger scale inspection of linear assets, like pipelines, rail corridors or roads.

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