How landscape architects can add value to projects and win additional business using drone data

Drones have a number of uses within #architecture and one of those areas is #landscape architecture. Using #drones saves time and money by streamlining an architects understanding of a project.

Drones can assist in the design process as aerial imagery can be used to create high resolution maps that allows architects to better conceptualize projects. Having a better understanding of a project helps create higher quality more thoughtful design.

Devoid of drone data the architect will give their client concept images, rendering/perspective drawings etc of the proposed landscape design. Using drone data, they can present a map and design that gives the client a far better understanding of the plans for their project.

How can drone data be used by a landscape architect:

• Measurements can be taken

• Digital surface model (DSM) can be used to visualise gradient change

• Maps can be imported into AutoCAD or similar. They can be used to create an image trace of the project, outlining roads, building & existing landscape features

• Contour lines can be generate to understand the topography

• A 3D model can be used to gain a better understanding of project

Aerial image of landscape with drawing overlay

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