Drone technology will have a positive impact on construction

Mace has identified seven priority areas where “industry 4.0 technology” can have a significant positive impact on construction, it’s not surprising to learn that drones are one of them.

We are finally on the cusp of the much-heralded fourth industrial age. The transformational technology that will bring about a new industrial revolution is already available, and across the global economy, businesses are beginning to leverage it to deliver huge productivity benefits.

For construction, Industry 4.0 is a fresh chance to catch up with competitors and deliver transformational growth in productivity.

It represents a move to a world in which technology from artificial intelligence to advanced robotics to drones will transform how construction businesses operate and how buildings are created.

Mace are already using drones to survey large sites very quickly which couldn’t have been done previously. They are also using drones to inspect areas of buildings that are really hard to get to e.g. tall building facades.

This revolution should radically improve the productivity levels of the construction industry, improve quality, safety and the impacts on the environment.

Their analysis estimates that we will need to reskill over 600,000 construction employees over the next two decades, from trades vulnerable to technological change to new roles created by technology.

For further details and to download a copy of the report please click here.

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