Using drone technology for asset inspections is up to 81% quicker than traditional methods

Companies are only now beginning to use drone technology for inspection work. In a world of tight margins and a very competitive landscape using drone technology is a significant source of profit from substantial productivity gains.

Using drone technology is up to 81% quicker than scaffolding and 44% quicker than a cherry picker for inspection work.

In addition to being significantly quicker, drone technology offers other unique benefits:

  • Unparalleled Access: Drones can inspect all structural sections whereas this isn’t the case using traditional methods e.g. valley of roof, slopes etc. without putting people at risk.

  • Accuracy: Maps and models are highly accurate and proven down to approx. <2cm.

  • Quality: Drones provide enhanced field data which can significantly improve the quality and output of your inspections.

  • Documented Evidence: Images and videos can be taken of any part of the structure. This data is geo-reference making comparisons over time very easy.

  • Safety & Regulations: Drones can provide access to areas that are deemed too difficult or risky to send people into while also significantly reducing the risks associated with working at heights.

Whether it’s inspecting an asset such as an industrial unit, apartment complex, commercial building, wind turbine, communications tower etc. drones provide a safe, quick and cost effective way of inspecting the asset. Drones can be used for pre-acquisition surveys, vendor surveys, schedule of conditions or dilapidation schedules.

There are many preventive maintenance tasks that can be undertaken using drones e.g. general maintenance checks, identifying weak structures or corrosion, structural damage, damage to a roof and its supporting structure.

We can deliver 3D point clouds, 3D textured models, orthomosaics, measurements and high resolution images/videos for asset inspections. 3D/2D deliverables can be provided as DXF, LAS, OBJ, XYZ etc. files which are compatible with BIM and CAD software.

Drones asset inspection

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