CPD course on using drone technology within the architecture and construction

This half-day, interactive, introductory course will equip delegates with the knowledge and understanding of how the latest advances in drone technology are changing and enhancing traditional architectural working techniques.

The course is open to anyone working within the architectural industry who’s interested in learning about drone technology and how it can be used within their business. Drones can be used within Architecture to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, mitigate risk and improving health and safety.

Delegates need no prior drone technology knowledge taking this course.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Business models for implementing drone technology

  • Overview of the different services that can be provided by drone technology

  • How accurate is a map or model

  • Benefits of using drone technology within Architecture

  • Drone technology workflow

  • Regulations for flying drones

  • Case studies using drone technology in the field

The course has been designed specifically for architects by Ian Tansey who owns a drone technology solutions company focusing on the construction industry. ProDroneWorx primarily works with property developers, construction firms, ground work firms, civil and structural engineers, surveyors, architects, landscape architects and land buyers/sellers. ProDroneWorx would now like to work with Architectural Technologists.

Each course is delivered by Ian.

Ian is a qualified and experienced pilot. He has have a ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ license from the UK CAA which includes operating at night. He has a background in data analytics and finance spanning over 20 years.

He has an extensive family background in construction and engineering across the UK and Ireland. He’s been immersed in these industries all of his life so understands the industry and some of the common issues experienced and has identified ways to solve these using drone and imaging technology.

Cost/fee for attendance: £49.00 + VAT

Address: Irish cultural Centre, 5 Black’s Road, Hammersmith, W6 9DT

Name of CPD contact: Ian Tansey

Job title: Managing Director

E: ian@prodroneworx.co.uk

T: 07805 864642

W: www.prodroneworx.co.uk


CIAT CPD drone course within architecture and construction

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