Aerial LiDAR for utilities and infrastructure projects

As we grow the business to cater for our clients and prospects requirements, I’m delighted to announce a new service. We now offer aerial LiDAR services for the mapping of land, property, utilities, infrastructure and geology.

Aerial LiDAR is an airborne version of terrestrial laser scanning and because the scanner is in the air it’s able to rapidly scan large or complex areas. It can collect 700,000 points per second with an average surface density of >700 points per square meter.

Here are some example of how aerial LiDAR can be used on your projects:

1) Aerial LiDAR can be combined with terrestrial LiDAR to create a complete 3D model of a building or structure. Terrestrial based LiDAR on its own can’t capture all sections of a roof or structure at high elevations.

2) Aerial LiDAR is ideal for continuous mapping of long corridors for motorways, railways, powerlines, pipelines and other major infrastructure projects.

3) Aerial LiDAR can produce detailed digital terrain models (DTM) and 3D point clouds that cannot always be achieved using traditional surveying techniques or photogrammetry so when surveys are required for terrain covered in vegetation this system is ideal.

To discuss using this technology on any of your projects please get in touch with me.

ProDroneWorx LiDAR for utilities and infrastructure projects

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