Commercial drones are here: The future of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

McKinsey provide some great insights into the evolving landscape of drone technology in terms of its value, factors influencing the market, and initial strategic considerations.

Businesses across industries realise that drones have multiple commercial applications, some of which go beyond basic surveillance, photography, or videos, and they are already using them to transform daily work in some industries.

Insurance companies are using drones to inspect damaged assets, for instance, farmers are sending them to monitor crops and collect soil data while construction companies are using them to monitor progress on projects.

Originally viewed as a military tool, drones have established a presence in the corporate world over the past five years. Some big tech companies are investigating drone-delivery services, while others are exploring whether specially equipped drones can supply Internet connections in remote areas.

Some players are also investigating industry-specific solutions. For instance, construction-technology company Veerum uses drones and 3-D imaging to create “digital twins” of projects, accurate down to the millimeter, allowing companies to validate their work against 3-D models.

Commercial drones are here

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