3D textured model of building and surroundings

Here’s a 3D textured model fly through video of a building and its surroundings using drone technology.

3D models of buildings, bridges, structures, roads, environments, habitats etc can be easily created using this technology. These models can be used by those in sales and marketing, architecture, engineering, surveying, asset inspection, construction and environmental/ecology.

3D models provide a flexible design and presentation platform for working on a structure or environment where measurements and annotations can be made, angles and areas calculated, etc. This information can be used by the onsite team and offsite stakeholders for better collaboration and management of projects.

3D models are a great way to visualise an area of interest which is very different to viewing it using standard images. 3D models provide a detailed level of depth and insight into the structure or environment being assessed.

The structure, object or environment can also be 3D printed.

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