Using drone technology for volume measurement of stockpiles or aggregate

Construction firms, groundwork's firms, quarries, mines or aggregate/sand/gravel/metal firms all need to calculate stockpile or aggregate volumes at various stages of a project. Stockpile or volume measurement surveys can take place a couple of times a year depending on the project or business.

Using different types of surveying equipment (e.g. LIDAR, Total Station, GCPs) can take anywhere from a day to a week or more depending on the size of the stockpile. Some firms still manually measure and calculate their stockpiles which is surprising.

Using the latest drone technology, we can calculate the volume of stockpiles or aggregate, quickly, safely and cost effectively. Drones can fly a large area very quickly and have stockpile measurements calculated that same day. Drone volume measurement information can be used for the following:

  • Financial reporting of inventories/aggregate

  • Ensuring a certain stockpile/aggregate will cover a particular area

  • As a piece of legal information when a company looks to purchase stockpiled assets from another company

Knowing how much material has been displaced from an area, how much can be excavated or how much can be filled can all be measured and calculated using drone technology. The return on investment from using the digital information from drone technology for volume measurements is as follows:

1. Improved accuracy

2. Improved timelines for making the data actionable

3. Improving health and safety onsite

4. Reducing costs

ProDroneWorx can fly any number of stockpiles on your project using the digital information from drone technology to quickly and accurately calculate volumes. We can also provide up to date 2D/3D maps and models of your projects.

We can work on your projects either on a one-off or regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc).

Call us on 07805 864642 or email to discuss your stockpile or aggregate requirements.

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