Canadian construction firm PCL builds it digital strategy

The construction sector has been one of the most forward thinking in terms of digital transformation, especially relating to supply chain and with the use of drones. One lead example is with company PCL.

PCL Construction is the largest building firm in Canada, with revenues of $8.5 billion. The organization is active in the commercial, institutional, multi-family residential, renewable energy, heavy industrial, historical restoration, and civil construction sectors

They declared that they want to be a trailblazer in the world of construction. The company is making effective use of big data, analytics, drones, and other advanced technologies in order to enhance its services.

With drone technology, they have not used drones for taking videos, as origin

ally conceived. Instead the company has made use of drones to collect aerial data for measurement and analysis. This helped with design improvements for construction projects, as well as providing solutions to work seamlessly with the company’s existing tools and workflows.

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Canadian construction firm PCL builds it digital strategy
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