PWC: The impact of drones on the UK economy

New report from PwC about the impact of drone technology on the UK economy. The report covers the construction and utility/infrastructure sectors along with other sectors.


Drone use is well established within the utility industry, in particular for the inspection of long linear assets such as powerlines and 360 degree visualisation of critical infrastructure including sub stations and hydro dams. Visual asset management systems are emerging acting as a repository for inspection information from drones and other sources. This can increase the quality of inspection information, enhance collaboration, improve decision making and demonstrate clear control of critical assets.

In the land survey field, advancements in payloads and BVLOS flying is likely to result in drones replacing more expensive helicopters. Combined with the use of LiDAR to precisely calculate critical 3D parameters such as vegetation encroachment and conductor sag height on powerlines, the impact of technology convergence will be significant.


Drones are already providing a cost effective and efficient way to map sites and track construction progress against schedule and the original designs. Drones offer an effective method of collecting 3D information and integrating it into BIM systems. Tangible benefits of using drones in construction include: increased efficiency, lower costs, survey grade accuracy and enhanced datasets. Drones can be used to manage operations and contractors from initial site survey to project completion. The data can be accessed by multiple stakeholders across different locations enabling comparisons of site progress virtually eliminating disagreements and providing valuable evidence in case of litigation.

ProDroneWorx is working with companies in these two sectors to deliver value adding digital information on projects to increase efficiency, lower costs, reduce risk and improve collaboration.

To read the report report and download the PDF document, click here.

PWC The impact of drones on the UK economy

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