Building inspection in central London using drone technology

ProDroneWorx were engaged by a building surveying company to carry out a roof inspection of a building in central London very close to main roads, footpaths and buildings. The information was required for a schedule of conditions.

Our drone pilot has special approval from the CAA to carry out complex operations like this and can operate in congested (urban) areas with just 10m separation from people, vehicles and buildings outside of his control. This means we can carry out building surveys almost anywhere. We believe that this approval will prove to be a huge benefit to our clients within the #Rail, #Utilities and #Construction sectors.

We had permission from NATS, police and the diplomatic protection group (DPG) to carry out this building inspection.

We can assist building surveyors carry out any of the following services using drone technology: pre acquisition surveys, due diligence surveys, planned maintenance programs, dilapidation surveys, schedule of conditions etc.

Drone technology is an ideal tool for roof inspections, bridge inspections, solar farm inspections (using thermal imaging), facade inspections, building inspections, industrial unit inspections, etc.

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