Reality capture using drone data and BIM

Our client is using the digital information from drone technology to great effect on their projects. They are successfully using reality capture data from ProDroneWorx with BIM data. Here’s some images of the different datasets combined into one model.

Reality capture is the process of producing a digital 3D point cloud representation of the project site using drone technology. Millions of surface points are mapped to develop a high resolution, survey grade accurate 3D point cloud model that’s tied into the OS grid. Other capture methods can also be used to obtain data.

As the adoption of building information modelling (BIM) has increased, the need to merge the physical site with 3D BIM content is fuelling demand for 3D capturing. With ever tighter schedules, reality capture can save time and money as well as improve safety before work begins on site. It can also be used to get effect in project planning.

We think our rail, construction and utility clients and prospects will be very interested in adopting this approach.

Reality capture and BIM

Reality capture and BIM
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