How drones can be used on construction and infrastructure projects

We all know that you can capture great marketing pictures and videos of an asset or construction/infrastructure project but if this is the only way you’re using drone technology then its not being used it to its full potential.

Here’s how the digital information can be used:

1. Management oversight: real time overviews of projects with regularly updated 2D/3D maps and models.

2. Site progress: track progress with 2D/3D maps, models and aerial views. Carry out comparisons over time.

3. Improved communication: share maps and models with internal and external stakeholders for streamlined communications. Keep everyone in the office up-to-date and informed.

4. Site planning & surveying: use accurate maps and models for planning and surveying purposes at different stages of a project. This information can also be used in BIM, CAD or GIS systems.

5. Stockpile measurement: measure stockpile volumes so you can make quick decisions about your material needs.

6. Safety improvements: identify safety concerns in real time, so your team can address them quickly. Reduce the time employees and contractors spend on roofs, steep slopes, and other dangerous areas.

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