Reality capture 3D model of asset in Virtual Reality (VR)

Did you know that the reality capture 3D models of an asset we create using drone technology and photogrammetry can be used within virtual reality (VR). We’re delighted with the level of detail that be achieved with our models as they have so many use cases in:

  • health and safety

  • marketing of projects

  • updates to clients

  • team collaboration on projects

  • progress monitoring

  • integration with BIM

  • construction training

The implementation of virtual reality in construction, infrastructure and asset inspection industries has opened up several avenues for improving design, pitching projects, understanding an asset and enhancing training and safety. These aren't just ideas for the distant future, companies are implementing these ideas today with great success.

There’s an enormous competitive advantage to being one of the first movers in the marketplace to adopt this technology. Virtual reality experiences are very new technologies and will only continue to become more popular over time. If you’re considering using virtual reality for a project, it would be advantageous to start now and be one of those early adopters. Get ahead of the competition.

The adoption of 3D modeling and virtual reality in these industries has numerous benefits.

  • 3D or reality capture modeling, not only speeds up the design process but also enables everyone involved in the project to play around with different ideas and identify potential problems before they become actual issues.

  • 3D modeling in virtual reality provides a real time view of the project. 3D modeling brings a project to life without even moving a single speck of dust!

  • The client can visualise so much more about a project that a 2D drawing could ever provide.

  • Clients can literally have a virtual walk around of the building or asset.

  • A 3D model in virtual reality enables the client to get a feel for the building or asset without being physically present, they could be in a different country!

  • With 3D modeling, it also becomes easy to understand a structure in the context of the surrounding space.

  • During the construction phase, virtual reality can provide a training ground for new construction workers using a digital replica of the project as it currently exists.

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