Flying drones closer to people, vehicles and buildings and Extended visual line of sight (EVLOS)

Just before Christmas I received great news from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) that my personal drone pilot license (technical term is OSC – operational safety case) was approved for the following:

1. Fly drones to a distance of 1.5km - we call this extended visual line of sight (EVLOS)

2. Fly drones within 20m of people, vehicles and buildings outside of my control

What does this mean for you?

1. It means we can fly greater distances for long linear construction or infrastructure projects e.g. road, rail, pipeline, etc. up to 3km in total.

2. We can also fly drones in congested areas close to people, vehicles and buildings for the surveying or progress monitoring of projects, inspection of assets e.g. pre-acquisition surveys, due diligence surveys, planned maintenance programs, dilapidation surveys, schedule of conditions etc.

ProDroneWorx can operate on construction, infrastructure or asset inspection projects in built-up areas e.g. London, Birmingham, Manchester etc.

We will deal with all external organisations to obtain the necessary authorisations and exemptions, including the Met Police, Diplomatic Protection Group, City of Westminster, Port of London Authority and other local authorities.

One of our other drone pilots can fly within 10m from people, vehicles and buildings outside of his control.

Classification of 3D point cloud using drone technology on construction projects

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