Drone Technology Reaches New Heights in the Construction, Infrastructure and Asset Inspection Market

The findings of this survey demonstrate that drone technology is currently being underutilised. While 74% of respondents are using drone technology for photography and video, fewer than 30% of respondents are using the technology for value add services like aerial LiDAR, 3D point clouds, 3D modelling, digital surface/terrain models, orthophotos and thermal imaging.

Construction companies in the UK are experiencing massive cost pressure, limited access to capital from financial markets or lenders and ever tighter margins. In the UK, the average margin of construction companies is approximately 2%. This is unsustainable. Construction firms need to embrace change, technology and construction methods to increase their margins. They cannot continue to adopt the same approach to construction as they’ve done in the past. Instead, they need to embrace new digital technologies such as drones, BIM, data analytics, and offsite manufacturing.

In a world of very tight margins of about 2% in construction, and an increasingly competitive landscape, the use of digital/reality capture data gives firms a significant competitive advantage over their peers through improved data quality, reduced costs, increased productivity gains and the mitigation of risk”.

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