Managing digital outputs for dilapidation or schedule of conditions surveys

We all know (I hope) that drone technology can be used to produce various digital outputs for pre-acquisition, due diligence, dilapidation and schedule of conditions surveys plus for planned maintenance programs but how does a surveying company manage this digital data?

ProDroneWorx can help you manage, analyse and share all of your assets digitally within your company and with clients.

Managing building surveying work digitally brings so many benefits:

1. improves team collaboration and workflow on projects

2. a digital record of an inspection in time

3. ability to compare inspections over multiple time periods

4. data can be digitally shared with contractors for pricing of works

5. communicate with the client on works to be carried out

Drone technology is an ideal tool for roof inspections, bridge inspections, facade inspections, building inspections, industrial unit inspection or warehouse inspections.

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