ProDroneWorx digitises 9km infrastructure project covering an area of 5.3km2 (1,300 acres)

What used to take months can now be done in days with drone technology.

We created a digital twin of this project to helps surveyors, designers, project managers and senior management understand progress related to the design models, progress month to month while the information is being used to evidence the amount of work carried out.

The use of fixed wing PPK drone technology allowed us to speed up data capture by months. We flew the entire project in 2 days, 1 day for ground control and 4 days processing to provide the client with a 3D point cloud that consisted of over 1 billion points, a digital terrain model (DTM) with the elimination of non-earthworks features and an orthomosaic.

What’s even better are the accuracies we achieved: <10mm at GCPs and <30mm at the checkpoints. The client was delighted as we had to achieve less than 50mm.

We provided the digital/reality capture outputs in various formats (ASCII, DXF, LAS, GEOTIFF, e57, FBX etc) that are compatible with BIM, Autodesk and GIS.


1. Area covered: 5.3km2 (1,300 acres)

2. Delivery time: 7 days

3. Accuracy: 30mm

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