Aerial LiDAR drone survey of heavily vegetated area

Here’s a great example of how we’ve used aerial LiDAR on a project.

We carried out an aerial LiDAR survey of a disused port in the UK. The client was looking to develop the land again and wanted to know the ground levels. The area was covered by dense vegetation varying from grass/brambles through to mature trees and shrubs.

It was not possible to navigate around the site due to the heavy vegetation and a traditional survey was not possible without expensive vegetation clearance. A photogrammetry drone survey would not have been able to penetrate the vegetation as only a digital surface model (DSM) could have been produced, this would clearly not provide the client with useable data. An aerial LiDAR survey was the perfect tool for the project and it was used effectively to deliver the digital outputs required by the client.

Two detailed flights were carried out to capture the digital data and a total of 168 million points were captured. The data was then processed and calibrated to classify features such as vegetation/ground and exported as a 25cm bare earth DTM for the client.

These two pictures perfectly sum up the invaluable benefits of using aerial LiDAR with the first image showing the dense vegetation and the second showing the ground only points recorded from the LiDAR scanner.

Check points were used to quantify accuracy and this survey achieved sub 50mm accuracy.

Aerial LiDAR drone survey of disused port

Aerial LiDAR drone survey of disused port

Aerial LiDAR drone survey of disused port

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