800,000 sq. ft asset surveyed for schedule of conditions using drone technology and analysis softwar

ProDroneWorx were engaged by a building surveying company to carry out a detailed asset inspection or survey using drone technology on a number of buildings totalling nearly 800,000 sq. ft. The high quality digital data was required for a schedule of conditions but it could also be used for pre acquisition surveys, due diligence surveys, planned maintenance programs or dilapidation surveys.

We captured over 1,500 HD images of the assets that were stored, managed, analysed and shared on a cloud based asset inspection system. This system allowed multiple users within the company to analyse the data so a schedule of condition could be produced. The cloud based system produced a PDF and excel report based on all the defects/issues that were identified. This information can be shared with contractors for pricing repairs or maintenance.

The advantages of using drone technology and a cloud based system over traditional methods were:

1. very cost effective

2. speed of deployment and data capture

3. unparalleled access to all parts of the asset

4. improved health and safety

5. ability to store, manage and analyse the imagery for defect/condition

Managing asset inspection data digitally from a drone survey has many benefits:

1. improves team collaboration and workflow on projects

2. a digital record of an inspection in time

3. ability to compare inspections over multiple time periods

4. data can be digitally shared with contractors for pricing of works

5. communicate with the client on works to be carried out

A drone survey or inspection is an ideal tool for roof inspection, bridge inspection, facade inspection, building inspection, industrial unit inspection, logistics inspection or warehouse inspection.

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