ProDroneWorx digitises 50 acre construction project from a drone survey to provide deeper data insig

We created a digital twin of a large construction project to help surveyors, designers, project managers and senior management understand construction progress related to the design models and month to month.

We flew the entire project in 1 day while also including approx. 50 GCPs and 1 day of processing to provide the client with a 3D point cloud that consisted over 100 million points while also providing it in a 5m grid, a digital terrain model (DTM) with the elimination of non-earthworks features and an orthomosaic.

The accuracies we achieved were <50mm at GCPs and <50mm at the checkpoints.

The survey grade accurate 2D/3D reality capture outputs were tied into the OS grid and can be integrated into existing workflow processes as the data is produced in various CAD, BIM and GIS formats e.g. dwg, dxf, xyz, las, laz, obj and e57.

Having this digital information on the project provides deeper data insights, better collaboration on the project, improved data deliverables to the client while reducing costs and risks.

The data is being used as follows:

  • Manage earthworks with cut and fill volumetric measurements.

  • Enable progress monitoring of the project at all stages of the build and against the design models and progress month to month.

  • Quality assurance checks and integration of the high resolution imagery into BIM.

  • Evidence regarding the amount of work carried out.

  • Outputs can be used within Virtual Reality (VR) and combined with BIM.

  • Marketing images and videos

ProDroneWorx digitises 50 acre construction project to provide deeper data insights, better collaboration, improved data deliverables to the client while reducing costs and risks

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