Confined space 3D laser scanning of MEP services

We were selected to carry out some specialist 3D laser scanning for a client because of our excellent communication, project management and customer service on projects.

Our client required a highly accurate and detailed point cloud of all MEP services in an underground structure for re-design work. Our confined space training and equipment allows us to work safely and effectively within these hazardous and safety critical environments.

One of the biggest challenges in an existing structure or building renovation is accurate documentation of MEP systems. Using 3D laser scanning we were quickly and accurately able to capture all MEP for the project to aid the re-design of all services. We produced a dense point cloud for the client accurate to within 4mm.

We can create accurate BIM 3D models from surveyed 3D laser scanning data. With this information our 3D BIM modellers can accurately re-create the as-built environment using BIM software. This intelligent 3D model can be manipulated, changed, analysed and adapted by the user

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