Combining aerial video with 3D Animation or Augmented Reality (AR)

We’re working on some really innovative ways where we can enhance aerial video or images and add 3D animation or Augmented Reality (AR) for master planning, community engagement, internal planning, marketing, health & safety, project inductions, planning applications, project concept, visualisation or external presentations. We can also show the project at different stages e.g. various phases of the build or at completion.

Here’s an example of an aerial video we captured on a piece of linear infrastructure and added new pylons, haul road and a compound.

This combination of technologies has many uses on road, rail, power, construction, infrastructure, engineering or architectural projects.

A big advantage of using this approach is that we are using reality capture or real data on a project and including 3D animation/AR data. There’s also no need to fully render a project saving a huge amount of money and time.

We have the ability to take any aerial video/images and insert any visual affects required on projects. All we need are the drawings/models in a 2D or 3D format.

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