RTK/PPK drone technology used on earthworks project to measure stockpiles

We used our RTK/PPK survey grade accurate drone on an earthworks project to measure various stockpiles across the site quickly and safely achieving sub 30mm accuracies.

The 2D and 3D digital or reality capture outputs were used to understand the volume of all materials onsite but they could also be used for month end reporting and scheduling. The information can be used by the accounting department for production and take out sales which enables tighter control and accountability of inventory onsite.

While this projects focus was on stockpile inventory, the survey grade accurate data can be used to carry out pre and post stripping surveys. Aerial LiDAR can be used to carry out topographical surveys with dense vegetation varying from grass/brambles through to mature trees and shrubs.

The digital outputs can be used to track, map, and measure activity onsite while aiding planning. The survey-grade accurate 2D and 3D reality capture outputs were easily integrated into existing workflow processes as the data was produced in various CAD, BIM and GIS formats, e.g. dwg, dxf, xyz, las, laz, obj, geotiff and e57.

The health and safety benefits of using drone technology in a stock inventory environment are huge as people are not put at risk with heavy machinery moving around site. Capturing the digital data from a drone survey can be done in a controlled and safe environment away from site dangers.

We also have the ability to carry out stockpile measurements e.g. agricultural products, aggregates, metals etc. within a warehouse or storage unit using terrestrial 3D laser scanning.

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