Survey grade accurate 2D/3D digital data from drone survey used to de-risk project at tender stage

We were recently engaged by a client to produce survey grade accurate 2D/3D digital or reality capture data to de-risk a project at tender stage. They want to fully understand the topography of the site and calculate the volume of hazardous material.

Without accurately knowing the amount of material to be removed from site a profit could easily turn into a loss. We all know that the average margin within the construction industry is small and it only takes a few small mistakes for it to disappear.

We were able to quickly survey the site, produce the survey grade digital outputs so the client could accurately calculate the amount of material onsite before submitting their tender. The digital data was also used as part of their tender submission proving that the project had been properly costed. Using the digital outputs from a drone survey is a very cost effective way of de-risking a project.

There was also a huge health and safety benefit using drone technology on this construction project as no one was put at risk climbing stockpiles or standing on hazardous material.

Using RTK/PPK drone technology we produced survey grade accurate 2D and 3D digital data (achieving sub 20mm accuracies) that were easily integrated into existing workflow processes as the data was produced in various CAD, BIM and GIS formats, e.g. dwg, dxf, xyz, las, laz, obj, geotiff and e57.

Aerial LiDAR can also be used to carry out topographical or stockpile surveys with dense vegetation varying from grass/brambles through to mature trees and shrubs.

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