2D CAD model produced using survey grade accurate digital data from drone survey

Whether it's on top of an existing blocks of flats, commercial properties such as office blocks, shopping centres, or warehouses, the potential scale of ‘rooftop development’ is enormous.

Knight Frank estimates that 40,000 homes could be built on top of existing buildings in central London alone. Homes England have also provided funding to encourage this type of rooftop development.

Using the 2D/3D digital outputs from a drone survey can significantly aid the design and planning process for roof top developments helping all parties involved e.g. architects, planners, developer and construction companies.

We can capture the digital data required by an architect or designer to produce a 2D CAD model using done technology achieving sub 20mm on the X and Y and 20-30mm on the Z value.

We carried out a drone survey on a project for this very reason as it wasn’t possible to capture the digital data required using traditional surveying techniques due to major access restrictions and working at height issues e.g. terrestrial 3D laser scanning etc. We had unrestricted access to all parts of the roof enabling us to capture the data required.

The drone survey data can also be used for ScanToBIM and converted into a 3D REVIT model.

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