Solar farm inspections using thermal imaging and drone technology

Solar farms tend to be very large installations of solar panels that have traditionally been inspected manually using hand-held thermal cameras but with the evolution of drone technology and thermal imaging cameras it can be done much quicker and be more effective in identifying issues.

Solar panel inspections can now be carried out much faster and more accurately while also improving safety. Our drones can carry both thermal and RGB (visible light) cameras at the same time allowing easy analysis of the geo-tagged data. Comparisons can also be done on panels between one time period and another.

A thermal imaging camera can help identify manufacturing defects, scratches, cracked cells, broken cells or the covering of surface areas with dirt from poor maintenance. These defects can result in the occurrence of hot spots that can greatly affect the ability of the panels to function at full capacity.

Failure to carry out regular inspections of solar panels can have fatal consequences in the form of fire and poor performance limiting the ROI.

We can identify faulty solar panels so they can be replaced by the manufacturers while still in warranty and help our clients maximize output/efficiency by identifying issues.

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