How drone technology is being used to survey, model, maintain and inspect infrastructure assets

Really enjoyed speaking at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) event last week about the use of geospatial technologies/intelligence for the surveying, modelling, maintenance and inspection of infrastructure assets.

From drones to satellite sensors, from ground penetrating radar to immersive and 3D technologies, from LiDAR to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and machine learning, geospatial data is being incorporated into building & maintaining infrastructure practices rapidly.

Our infrastructure is quite old now and needs to be maintained and/or replaced.

Drone technology is a cost effective, sustainable and safe way to survey, model and inspect our infrastructure through the use of LiDAR, photogrammetry and thermal imaging to collect survey grade accurate 2D or 3D digital data.

Drone technology makes it a lot easier to check bridges for cracks, survey thousands of miles of roads, power lines, monitor pipelines, inspect solar farms or wind turbines, dams and other water structures etc.

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