Residential, industrial or commercial roof leak detection using drone technology and thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras combined with drone technology are an ideal solution for detecting water leaks on residential, industrial or commercial roofs for pre-acquisition surveys, due diligence surveys, planned maintenance programs (PMP), dilapidation surveys or schedule of conditions.

This survey method is starting to revolutionise the way roof inspections are carried out by facilities management companies or building surveyors.

A drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera can be used to detect water leaks on building roofs during an inspection by flying the drone over the roof and registering temperature anomalies with precision.

This survey method offers many financial benefits by allowing faults to be detected during the warranty period, identifying water leaks before they become a big issue causing extensive damage and preventing errors when planning the assets budget.

Whether it’s an old roof or a roof that’s been re-laid, an aerial inspection can be carried out to identify any faults e.g. faulty seams.

This information is highly beneficial when valuing, maintaining, selling, buying, leasing or renting a residential, industrial or commercial asset as the condition of the roof can be full assessed beforehand so there's no surprises.

Thermal imaging has many uses from thermal bridging, heat loss, water ingress and flat roof leaks, inadequate or missing insulation, damp to leaking pipes.

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