Saving money on asset inspections vs scaffolding or a cherry picker using drone technology

We saved a client over £7,000 on a central London asset inspection project using the digital outputs from drone technology.

The asset in question was a location in central London in an area that was very difficult and complex to access using traditional inspection techniques i.e. scaffolding or cherry picker. The digital outputs from the drone survey or drone inspection were used to inspect all parts of the structure saving the client a lot of money, there was no inconvenience to people in the area, business disruption or the risks associated with people working at height.

The digital data was required to assess the condition of the roof for a repair and maintenance schedule. The data was then assessed by a chartered building surveyor.

Our special license from the CAA, an OSC (Operational Safety Case) allows us to carry out complex drone surveys or drone inspections in heavily congested (urban) areas like London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool etc.

When operating in London and other big cities it is not unusual to have to seek permission from National Air Traffic Services (NATS), Met Police and the Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG) to carry out an asset inspection. We organise all of this so its very straight forward from the clients point of view.

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