Monitor your real estate assets or infrastructure/construction projects throughout the COVID-19 lock

Maintaining social distancing is important in reducing the spread of COVID-19 but it will restrict our ability to carry out ‘business as usual’ activities. Leveraging innovative data capture methods made possible by drones will be key for businesses in the construction, infrastructure and real estate industries, where work usually involves face to face or onsite interactions. Drone technology and the digital data produced can really help in these challenging times.

Drone technology is best placed to capture data remotely without human interaction. In the coming weeks face to face contact won’t be possible but using drones to carry out surveys or inspections from a distance can provide a safe and effective alternative. We can capture digital imagery, video, maps or models and then share this remotely with clients so analysis can be carried out. There’s no need for either a surveyor or client to be onsite as we can share the digital data remotely through our cloud based platform or via data transfer.

The remote surveying or inspection of land, assets or infrastructure/construction projects is a fast, cost-effective, and safe method that is compliant with current government advice surrounding Coronavirus.

Here are the various ways in which ProDroneWorx and our cloud based platform can be used on your project during the lockdown:

  • ​Project planning - planning can be carried out remotely ensuring minimal delays when the project reopens

  • Insurance - an accurate record of your project throughout the lockdown can assist with current or future insurance claims

  • Cash flow and quantities for suppliers - accurate earthworks and as-build vs design comparisons can be made for payment calculations with sub-contractors and clients resulting in the better management of your cash flow

  • Health and safety - make sure your project is secure during the lockdown while easily identifying potential health and safety issues

  • Security - if security is an issue, we can capture regular imagery of your project during the lockdown period ensuring materials and the site itself are secure

Monitor your real estate assets, infrastructure or construction projects throughout the COVID-19 lockdown

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