Drone technology to play a big part in Highways England digital revolution in the road construction

A digital revolution in the construction industry could dramatically increase productivity and save billions of pounds, while radically reducing disruption to the public and slashing the number of fatal building site accidents.

Highways England has set out a roadmap a vision where the use of connected and autonomous plant (CAP) techniques will become standard industry practice by 2035. It has been estimated productivity improvements achieved via CAP could exceed £400bn by 2040.

The continued usage and development of drone technology in the construction industry forms a big part of this digital revolution providing the data required for the creation of live as built registers (digital twins).

The digital data outputs created using drone technology and photogrammetry/LiDAR improves the digital management of road projects while providing deeper data insights, better collaboration on the project, improved data deliverables while reducing costs and risks.

Drone surveys can be used within the construction sector to produce accurate 2D/3D digital or reality capture data of a project with global RMS accuracies between 20 and 30mm.

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