Land and design layout teams from housing developer use drone technology to survey two large sites t

ProDroneWorx worked with the land development and design layout teams of a leading housing developer to carry out an assessment of two large parcels (combined both areas were 100+ acres) of land for a potential housing development. The land development team wanted to understand the topography of both pieces of land to aid their decision making process. The 2D and 3D digital datasets were brought into AutoCAD for analysis, from there the land development and design layout teams were able to assess the commercial opportunities of both sites. The digital data was also used by the senior management team in a various internal discussions about the pros and cons of both sites. The 2D and 3D digital data was produced using drone technology and photogrammetry, the datasets were tied into the OS grid. Both sites were surveyed in one day, the digital outputs were processed in two days and delivered to the client. #digitalconstruction #bim #surveying #innovation #drones #scantobim #digitalengineering #bim #infrastructure #lidar #volumetric

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