Drone inspection and UK governments non-ACM cladding remediation fund

The governments £1bn non-ACM cladding remediation fund is due to close on 31st July 2020.

Our special license from the CAA, an OSC (Operational Safety Case) allows us to carry out complex drone survey or inspection operations in heavily congested (urban) areas to within 20m of people, vessels, vehicles or structures outside of our control. This is further reduced to only 10m during take-off and landing.

If you require HD images/video of building facades in built-up areas as part of your cladding assessment get in touch.

We can also assist building/asset surveyors with their pre-acquisition surveys, due diligence surveys, planned maintenance programs, dilapidation surveys or schedule of conditions using drone technology. We also offer a cloud based platform for storing, sharing, managing and analysing the data. We can carry out aerial or drone thermal surveys for leak detection, heat loss or solar panel defects.

Within London there are three areas where special permission is required from NATS, Diplomatic Protection Group and the Met Police to fly drones, they include Hyde Park (EG R157), City of London (EG R158) and Isle of Dogs/Canary Wharf (EG R159). We look after this whole process.

Drone inspection and non-ACM cladding remediation fund

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