Terrestrial 3D laser scanning and ScanToBIM of Telecoms project for redesign work

We carried out some terrestrial 3D laser scanning of a telecoms project and created a ScanToBIM model using a mixture of LOD 200/300. The digital data was required for redesign work and the upgrading of equipment. Capturing the data digitally and creating a model aided the planning and design phase of the project as follows: 1. enabled clash detection to be carried out 2. mitigated risks involved with the project 3. facilitated better design 4. improved collaboration within the project team and client All of this ultimately saved the client time and money on the project. Our client required a highly accurate and detailed point cloud of all objects and structures onsite for re-design work. Using a 3D terrestrial laser scanner we were quickly and accurately able to collect millions of individual point measurements. The measurements are then plotted within a single XYZ coordinate system to form a 'point cloud' of the surfaces. With the addition of GPS data these points were geo-referenced and transformed into a global reference system.

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