Detailed bridge inspection using drone technology

We are providing our clients with detailed drone inspection geo-referenced imagery along with 2D/3D digital data for management and conditional surveys of different structures e.g. roofs, bridges, facades, buildings, industrial units, logistics units or warehouses. Along with providing HD imagery of this bridge inspection via a cloud based platform that can be used to analyse the digital data we also used photogrammetry software to create detailed 2D/3D models. The digital data can be used within GIS, CAD, BIM or other asset management systems. Change detection can also be carried out between two different models of the same structure, this highlights changes between current and past models enabling users to flag any change or degradation in the asset being inspected. This can be used to examine how the bridge or any structure has changed over time. Our special license from the CAA, an OSC (Operational Safety Case) allows us to carry out complex drone survey or inspection operations to within 10-20m of people, vessels, vehicles or structures outside of our control.

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