Detailed visual inspection of a bridge using drone technology

ProDroneWorx carried out a detailed visual inspection of a bridge for a client. Drones can be used for the visual inspection of bridges or structures to understand its condition and can form part of an overall asset/structural inspection strategy.

When it comes to bridge inspections, using drone technology reduce costs, speeds up the review and provides better data compared to traditional methods. The use of drone technology mitigates the risks of working at height and in this case over water.

A range of 2D and 3D digital datasets e.g. point cloud, orthomosaic etc can be produced using photogrammetry of any structure/bridge. The 2D/3D digital data can be used by project engineers for planning and design purpose while the data can be used to create both CAD and REVIT models. HD images can be used to understand the condition of the structure in great detail.

This project was carried out within a day and the onsite engineer used a second monitor to view the data live.

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